Food Pantry


Announcement: The Food Pantry north entrance off of Pine Street will be closed from August 2 - August 19. Please use the entrance off of Oak Street. Thank you!

Neighborhood House operates a large Food Pantry which provides emergency food for individuals and families who are struggling to feed themselves and their children. Our Food Pantry is dependent on community donations to support its operations. Check out our Wish List of food items we currently need. The Food Pantry is located at 1315 N. Pine Street, within First Congregational Church. In 2017, we fulfilled 2,184 food orders for 4,484 food clients, totaling over 245,000 pounds of food, just in our 100 mile service area!

What makes the Neighborhood House Food Pantry unique?

1. The Food Pantry is one piece of the comprehensive wrap around services that Neighborhood House provides. We also provide clothing, rent and utility assistance, counseling, transportation, educational classes and more.

2. Our volunteer numbers are outstanding. Last year, there we over 5,000 volunteer hours logged at our food pantry alone. Volunteers work in two shifts four days a week.

3. We have a strong partnership with the Beaumont Health Dietetic Program. Eight interns complete a 3-4 week rotation with us each year, providing us with an expert in healthy eating year round. These interns asses the portions that should be given out at the pantry, following MyPlate recommendations. They also demonstrate healthy cooking ideas and create nutritious recipes for our clients picking up food.

4. We have a streamlined process of guidelines for how many items from each category a family can receive per visit based on the number of family members. There are two different tracks, one for “supplemental” food meaning it is supplemental to other means they might have to buy food, or “sustaining” meaning it is their only source of food at the time. We also have those in need “shop” through the pantry so that they are able to choose their favorite flavors and brands of food, instead of simply handing them a box of food.

5. We have a thorough vetting process. Each client goes through an intake process to assess their need based on income, expenses, employment, life circumstances, and more. Families can visit the food pantry six times per year (with a minimum of 30 days between each visit), receiving 2 weeks’ worth of food, and are re-evaluated every 12 months to assess their income, expenses, and eligibility for the program.

6. We also have a food delivery services using our transportation van. Once per week we deliver food to those who otherwise would not receive it.

Food orders are assembled Monday through Thursday at our Food Pantry. Those needing food assistance must complete a screening application at the Neighborhood House main office during our intake hours. Food intakes are done at our main office from 11:30am to 2:30pm Monday through Thursday. If you cannot come in during our daily intake hours, please call our offices at 248 651-5836 to arrange an alternative food appointment. Applicants for food must be sure to bring all required documentation. In addition, all required forms can be printed and filled out prior to your arrival.

Food assistance is available once a month up to six times a year per family. Food orders are customized to meet specific dietary health needs and enough food is supplied to last 10 to 14 days.