We believe that education and skill building is the key to our clients’ success. We focus on the long-term goals of our clients to bring them from crisis to self-sustainability.  Our caseworkers work one on one with clients to complete budget assessments, discuss job opportunities, and to talk about managing money. Additionally, we have three ongoing group classes with curriculum built for our neighbors in need to learn skills for success.

Financial Focus: The financial focus class follows a Smart Money (FDIC) curriculum. Financial leaders in our community teach these classes (Flagstar, Raymond James, PNC Bank, among others). Topics discussed include emergency savings plans, paying yourself first, credit scores, budgeting, and more. We then pair our clients with community member mentors to continue working on their financial plans and budgeting for success.

Computer Literacy: Our clients are able to add skills to their resume through basic and intermediate computer literacy classes. From basic keyboarding to more advanced Word and Excel, our clients meet weekly with their mentors. Many of the mentors are high school students from the local community.

Positive Parenting: A volunteer licensed counselor with a Masters in Social Work teaches our Positive Parenting classes. The full course is eight weeks long, with an hour and half class each week. Currently, we use a STEP program for aged newborn to five, and we will be expanding the age to adolescent children soon. During the Positive Parenting classes, our volunteers provide child watch for the parents, making the classes more accessible to busy families.