Youth Board Application

Rochester Area Neighborhood House Youth Programs Overview

APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THE 2017/2018 Junior Ambassador Youth Board.  Applications are due by MAY 5, 2017.  Click here for a copy of the application.

In an effort to help prepare area youth to become future leaders and responsible, caring citizens, Neighborhood House offers high school students in the greater Rochester community an opportunity to get involved in serving their community.  Students have the opportunity to participate in Neighborhood House and other community related events throughout the year and obtain service hours and scholarships.

Each year an Executive Youth Board will be formed and led by a selected Junior Ambassador with representatives from Rochester High School, Adams High School, Stoney Creek High School, Avondale High School and one at-large member representing any High School in the Neighborhood House service area.  All students within the greater Rochester Area are eligible to apply for these positions annually.

Each Youth Board Representative has formed a youth group at each area high school where all high school students are invited to get involved volunteering and helping with programs and activities at Neighborhood House.  If you are interested in getting involved in your local youth group contact us at

One Junior Ambassador will be appointed from the Executive Youth Board to serve as the Board’s chairperson. Together, this organization will collaborate with the Neighborhood House Executive Director, Board of Directors and other staff in an effort to gain experience in areas of leadership, civic responsibility, community service, public speaking, fundraising, marketing, and fund development.

Responsibilities – The Junior Ambassador will be expected to:

  • Promote Neighborhood House to youth-oriented audiences
  • Share the mission of Neighborhood House through media and personal appearances
  • Participate in Neighborhood House promotional events and activities
  • Work with Neighborhood House board and staff to design and implement a service project/fundraiser to support Neighborhood House – to include recruiting volunteers and completing the project
  • Actively participate in fundraising opportunities that benefit Neighborhood House
  • Network with community and peer groups regarding Neighborhood House
  • Attend scheduled trainings and meetings as needed

Responsibilities – Members of the Executive Youth Board will be expected to:

  • Maintain communication about the Neighborhood House Youth Programs with all service clubs at area schools
  • Recruit students from local area high schools for the Youth Committee
  • Conduct regular Youth Committee meetings with recruited membership
  • Assist the Junior Ambassador in conducting the business of his/her office when needed
  • Meet quarterly with the Junior Ambassador and Neighborhood House executive director to share ideas and engage in planning


  • Gain effective communication skills and experience
  • Increase marketability for college preparation and future employment opportunities
  • Pursue professional employment opportunities that require leadership skills and experience
  • Obtain the skill development necessary to work in a leadership role
  • Have the opportunity to apply for a college scholarship


  • Be enrolled in an accredited high school
  • Be a legal resident of the U.S. who resides within the service area of Neighborhood House
  • Have no criminal history
  • Use no illegal drugs or alcohol
  • Not be a relative of an employee or board member of Neighborhood House

Code of Conduct:

The Junior Ambassador and students on the Executive Youth Board are representatives of Neighborhood House and will be expected to:

  • Work cooperatively with the Executive Director, Board of Directors, office staff, volunteers, and supporters in a courteous, professional, and respectful manner
  • Attend and participate in Neighborhood House community events
  • Communicate enthusiasm and interest in Neighborhood House
  • Exhibit strong communication skills with both youth and adults
  • Accept and follow through with responsibilities and meet deadlines
  • Dress appropriately for any function associated with the Junior Ambassador Program or Neighborhood House
  • Act in a responsible manner. Use of tobacco, alcohol, and non-prescription drugs is illegal and prohibited
  • Maintain passing grades in all school subjects

Failure to meet this code of conduct may be grounds for dismissal and/or forfeiture of scholarship funds